From Sicily to Marche, from France to Bosnia and finally in the United States. Beginning in the 1990s, we developed four production sites in Europe, and then invested in the American market. This way, we can be close to our customers, but more importantly, we can guarantee all types of deliveries with no risk of compromising our high quality standards.

Ragusa (Sicily, Italy)

Our largest nursery is still in Sicily where we benefit from a particularly favorable climate and high luminosity. Here, Centro Seia’s nurseries have over 6.5 hectares of covered greenhouse space.

Cingoli (Marche, Italy)

Thanks to its central location and convenient infrastructure, we can quickly and easily reach our customers throughout Italy and the rest of Europe. The covered greenhouse space is 3.5 hectares.

Čapljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our Bosnian nursery’s 1.5 hectares of greenhouse space enjoy a mild climate and high luminosity. This nursery mainly serves customers in the Balkan and North-Eastern European region.

Sainte Livrade sur Lot (France)

In an area characterized by farms specialized in long-cycle cultivation, our French nursery controls over 2 hectares of greenhouse suitable for growing plants in pressed-peat cubes or in rockwool.

Mills River (North Carolina - USA)

We also set up our first company in America with 1.5 hectare greenhouse space equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The Mills River area is characterized by high luminosity and is also a good location due to the accessibility of relevant markets.